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I'm trying to use analytics with dev-local and I think I have my classpath set correctly and all the relevant .properties files etc correct, but I'm getting Query 20210930_132956_00043_98grr failed: Unable to load client, make sure com.datomic/dev-local-bundle is on your classpath when I try to execute an SQL query in the trino client, why ?


It's mentioned ( that datomic uses dynamodb for the transaction log. I'm just learning dynamo for unrelated things and I'm curious what the table structure datomic uses looks like. Is it just something like e + a for partition key and t for sort key?


no, it’s just binary or edn blobs. DynamoDB (all storages really) are just dumb key-value stores. Only a handful of keys are mutated and need strong consistency guarantees, and dynamo conditional writes are used for those


Makes sense, thanks