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Hi there, any idea what I might be missing? I've been using calva in vs code on ubuntu in wsl2. That's working for me. I just started a new clj project, but when I open that, I don't get the REPL button on the status bar, and if I try and run start a project repl, and connect I get this dialog. I'm running v2.0.212. I can't start either the standlone, nor the 'getting started' in the window opened for the new project.


So, in some other project it works?


yup. and just to be sure it hadn't broken with 2.0.212 I just restarted the window in the other project. I wonder if there's some project local settings file I'm missing, based on the dialog message. But a grep (`ag --hidden calva`) on the working project for only showed the .calv a folder.


i forked the working project, but the new one is created from scratch, so I wouldn't be surprised if there's something done that I don't know about. But also, reading through the getting started docs, I don't see anything


Totally strange. Can’t think of a thing you could wrong in creating a project to make this happen….


Maybe we can try reproduce the problem? So if you can make a public repository that doesn’t work for you, we can try on our machines and see if it breaks in the same way for us.


chalk that up to wsl2 weirdness. just completely restarted ALL vscode windows and now it works. :man-shrugging:


Ah, well, I have seen more often recently that VS Code needs to be restarted. It seems to be a regression. Probably upstream, because nothing very big has changed in Calva. Anyway, super happy that it works now!

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When I'm using VSCode with WSL2 I sometimes have to go into plugins and click "install into WSL" on Calva, for reasons I dont understand its like sometimes WSL forgets what plugins are activated.


It's not even a one time thing, sometimes I'll open a project and it's fine, its enabled / installed. THen I'll switch projects and have to click enable / install again. It seems so random


I have to start vscode twice everytime I try to open it with code . from WSL2. Because the first time it just won't load some plugins 🤷


So I just open a project with code . , instantly close it again and do the same a second time. Works usually 😄

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@U6JS7B99S i always open vscode from windows, and have it attach to the wsl2 instance. with the "install into wsl" stuff that @U013YN3T4DA mentioned. are you running it on some xclient, or something?


@U2LUY0P8B i am running an xserver but vscode doesnt run through it. code . Opens windows-side vscode in WSL attached mode so its going the same route with install into wsl

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