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JUXT are hiring Clojure devs - if you'd like to speak with us, we'd love to speak with you - please email us at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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Are you working with contractors?


not for this role


Ah well. Thx and good luck finding a candidate


Is it to work on xtdb, or doing contractor work (using xtdb)?


Is Production experience with Clojure mandatory? I believe in all values of Clojure but haven’t got chance to work actively with the lisp yet :(


Any senior manager/director/VP roles? 😅


UK is preferred. Depending on the person, prod clj exp not always 100%


Role is client work, but possibility of XTDB work


Whilst UK preferred, we do have remote employees, so it's an option, depending on the person.


glad to hear you folks are growing, @U050DD55V!

Michael McGovern16:09:59

Hey! For all the folks at Strangeloop. Reify Health will be posted up in Booth#15! If you are interested in hearing more feel free to stop by!! For those that do not know...Reify Health is a SaaS technology platform that is drastically changing the way medicines are created & developed. In creating innovative solutions within the clinical trial ecosystem we are expediting the way in which many life saving drugs, treatments and cures are delivered to the world! To top it all off we are using Clojure! With that we are no doubt open to folks that have strong experience with any language! We are looking for folks across all levels ranging from Software Engineer up to Staff Engineer as well as SRE’s, DevSecOps, Engineering Acceleration, Managers & Directors!  While the majority of the team is U.S. based we are expanding globally!

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