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Hey Clojurians! is hiring Clojure engineers for full-time remote work. Splash started with providing a competitive student loan refinancing marketplace to consumers, but has also recently moved into the personal loans space, with other verticals to come. The company recently closed their series B round of funding, is already cash-flow positive, and growing extremely fast. I've been working at Splash for a year now, and I came here from a Clojure shop that I worked at for 5 years. It has been an incredibly positive move for me (and others who came with me), and I'm very happy at Splash. In the last year we have hired a bunch of top Clojure/fp talent and have furthered an awesome technical and social culture. People at Splash are candid, kind, fun, unpretentious, and technically excellent. Highly recommend! Some relevant bullet points: • CLJ, CLJS (shadow), and Babashka • Running containerized apps and services in AWS ECS • Messaging between systems with SNS/SQS (considering move to Kafka) • Microservices architecture with a monorepo (Bazel) • Data persistence with Postgres • Github actions with a bunch of great CI • Aggressive, almost continuous, deployments • All things Terraformed • Good middleweight design doc and ADR process • Componentized systems with Component and Integrant (working on converging on an org-wide preference) • Data validation with spec and Malli (working on converging on an org-wide preference) • Logging and monitoring with Datadog • We have a "Clojure University" for leveling up devs who don't have Clojure experience, and there are also opportunities to help design and teach the curriculum • Probably more things which I'm failing to mention here If you're interested in learning more, feel free to DM me here, or email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> - Thanks!

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will do thank you!


given that no country is mentioned I assume it's US? 😅

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yup, we are a US company @UA2R84M28