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Today for some reason I started getting apply: Symbol's function definition is void: parseclj-alist when starting a cljs repl. I’m pretty sure parseclj is installed, and can’t think of any reason why it would suddenly become uninstalled


I saw a parseclj issue when I updated the Cider package yesterday. I restarted Emacs after the package install and didn't see the error again. I didnt try and diagnose this as I believed its just Emacs trying to find something it doesnt know about yet. If restarting doesnt work, try delete the Cider package and restart, to download and install a new version of the package. Or try just deleting the .elc file.


Ok thanks, I already tried restarting and reinstalling the parseclj package. doing an update of cider now


parseclj-lex--leaf-token-value: Symbol's function definition is void: :number Well at least its a new error 😅


Someone else is getting the same error in #practicalli channel


I updated about 30 package yesterday, so could be any of those. I assumed it was Cider as it had clj in the name. I also updated the Spacemacs code as well. If a package has changed its API, then they may be a fix in a newer commit of Spacemacs


I am not getting this error when I jack-in with either Clojure of Clojure script


any tips on how to debug this?


Probably related to this?


If so updating your packages should fix.


Yup I just did that, still doesnt work ...