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Daniel Slutsky12:09:16

The re:Clojure 2021 conference is about two months away. One of the things that will happen even sooner is the series of pre-conference workshops. In this post we wish to tell what they are about, and suggest a few ways you may be involved in creating and having them. Comments will help a lot.

Adam Helins16:09:31

First hangout about Clojure and blockchain was fun, so we'll repeat it next Thursday 7th October for the other side of the world Come even if you don't know anything about blockchain! It's a hard topic but using the REPL and seeing it work really helps in understanding what it is

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Adam Helins16:09:45

@U01D897TJCE @U0510902N In case you are still interested ;)


awesome, signed up!


i missed the session, any recorded links? YT ?


Timezones :)


@UCFG3SDFV nooo I missed the Euro version! Please ping me if this happens again!


@UCFG3SDFV was the Thursday session recorded?


@UCFG3SDFV was it recorded?

Adam Helins11:01:27

@UA7E6DU04 @UL618PRQ9 Not those sessions in particular, but there is a talk that goes through the same kind of concepts from a more theoretical point of view: Hope you find it useful!

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