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When I search for honeysql on Clojars, the "definitive" version doesn't show up -- com.github.seancorfield/honeysql -- it's not on either page of the results: Why is that?


Yes, search stinks :( There are a few issues related to it, and folks have said they are working on it, but it has been bad for a while. Current issues with more context: •

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It shows up when I search on the group ID -- - but none of those show verified which I would have expected.


I recently made a change to only show the verified badge to a user on their dashboard (so only their groups). This was an attempt to reduce the stigma for non-verifiable groups and the false sense of security that comes from seeing the verified badge.

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I would sure like to de-emphasize older versions of my libs that were published to non-verifiable groups given that more recent versions are available in verified groups. I guess if search results were better or were sorted by recency perhaps or by verified groups first or something, it would be less of an issue.


I think it would help to if Clojars had a way to allow you to say that a project had been renamed. We could then show it on the project page and search result cards. It would be part of the work to support, but I doubt we would go as far as supporting the Maven relocation feature, given Alex's comments.