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Any ideas why emacs is barking that this is an invalid function?

(defun cider-repl-handle-external-body (type buffer _body &optional show-prefix bol)
  (if-let* ((args        (second type))
            (access-type (nrepl-dict-get args "access-type")))
       (list "op" "slurp" (nrepl-dict-get args "URL"))
       (cider-repl-handler buffer)


nvm found it


There are still some strange interactions between the images layer and the pretty-printers (the pretty printers win for what seem to be nREPL middleware ordering reasons), and the images as inserted into the REPL aren't propertized read-only which means you can insert whitespace and mess with their positioning by accident.


With a disco Hunchback, because with a 4P with 4MLs every battle is party time.


Sorry, had to comment, because that game is sucking up all my free time these days 😃


Submitted a second cider-nrepl PR which cleans up some bugs I managed to merge 😕 sorry about that.


g'night 🙂 this looks really cool


I’ve merged @arrdem’s work so far, so more people can play with it.


@gonewest818 looking at his build failures it be really nice if elint provided some summary about all problems. It’s very hard to find those in the build log.


@bozhidar thanks! super stoked to finally have this in, sorry it's taken so long.


@bozhidar agreed, we need a summary which files were flagged and which check(s) did not pass. At the moment developers need to search the log output for “FAIL” to see which files were flagged, and then manually inspect the block of lines immediately preceding to see which checks did not pass. It’s doable but not especially nice.


In this example elisp-lint found multiple problems in cider-repl.el. First, the bytecompiler raised some warnings about unused lexical arguments and undefined functions. Second, checkdoc had issues with the formatting of some of the docstrings.


It would be nice if elisp-lint summarized at the tail of the log output something like:


elisp-lint summary:
  In cider-repl.el,
    bytecompile errors found
    checkdoc failed