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And just to round out my day:

5:05 PM	Invalid Cursive Build
							This build is more recent than your update period allows. Your update period ends on Jan 10, 2018, and 1.6.3 was released on Feb 8, 2018.
							The most recent available stable build is 1.6.2 (Install)
							Renew your licence on our website.
							If you have renewed your licence, activate it.


If you'd like to use a lein project making use of lein-tools-deps from Cursive, it is now usable, and I've documented some workarounds for some path issues here TL;DR: Your lein project can use deps.edn (and specify Git Deps, :local/root deps). See more at


@hlship Sorry, I have no idea why that reloading might not work, the fact that it doesn’t in the lein REPL does suggest that it might not be a Cursive thing but I’m not sure.


I suspect the breakpoints not working is just a symptom of the code itself not loading.


@hlship re: your earlier question about why the Refresh command should not appear, I can’t imagine why that might be either - is this from the Cmd-Shift-A search palette?


@solussd I don’t think there is, no - the best you can probably do is selecting the form and reformatting it as @misha suggested. But for that to work, you need the formatting settings set to align those things, and that’s a global setting.


@jaen Yes, that should still be working. What are you seeing? Do you get the stubs popup, and do the stubs generate correctly?


@hlship re: REPL tab names, yes, I’m planning to fix this soon as part of a re-vamp of the REPL UI related to CLJS REPLs, it’s something that’s been discussed on the mailing list too.


Also, I don’t think there is a way to show the test differences with the keyboard, but there definitely should be.


@timgilbert Actually, a “reformat top-level form” command would be great, and is something that has been requested before - I’ll add that.

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@rymndhng It’s something I’d like to support, but I haven’t looked into what would be required. I’m not sure how widely used it is currently.


agreed — it’s a chicken and egg kind of problem 😆


Do anyone know how to integrate the reagent with-let macro with Cursive IDE?


Now It cannot identifies my bindings in the with-let macros


It underscores variables from bindings with an error "variable cannot be resolved"


@al.vyguzov You can use the Resolve as… functionality, see here:


When cursive shows "Show difference" in failed tests? I trying to write test tool on top of clojure.test and for some reason my reports don't get "Show difference" option.


Is something in my reports or does cursive inspect the test form?


I'm pretty sure I call clojure.test/do-report with identical reports as regular (is ...) forms, but my tests don't get the "Show difference"


@cfleming after opening IntelliJ again the next day I did get the pop-up in the lower right and stubs generated correctly. So it appears the functionality is working after all, it just lacks a bit of discoverability (or could otherwise run automatically maybe?).


I'm still flummoxed. I'm sure it'll be something obvious once I track it down.


Please, can someone simply explain what stub generation is and why my IntelliJ Idea cursive plugin throws that notification. I can kinda disable it but would be nice to know its use and should I click Generate now every time I see it and why?