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^ If you'd like to use lein-tools-deps from Cursive, it is now usable, and I've documented some workarounds for some path issues here (cc @rickmoynihan)


Thanks @mfikes, I’m hoping to add deps support to Cursive soon, that’s helpful.


@cfleming Of interest to you will perhaps be the call (reader/clojure-env) and how it fails to find /usr/local/bin/clojure, if you end up going down a similar path


Thanks - I haven’t read about any of that yet, but I assumed that Cursive would have trouble with the CLI stuff since IntelliJ doesn’t see shell env vars like PATH.


Yeah, in the above, the workaround is to instead launch the IDE from a terminal via open -a "IntelliJ IDEA"


Thanks @mfikes I might link to those docs from the README. I’m an Emacs/cider user myself, though am familiar with that problem because of how OSX’s GUI environment doesn’t fork from a shell with your sourced env, like it does under classical Unix systems. The problems in resolving those file locations were actually the rationale behind letting users provide their own chain of files instead of [:system :home :project], so I’m glad you’ve found that useful; though it’d be good to find a better solution. It’s a shame that tools.deps has to shell out to get that env & I’m definitely open to other solutions; though it’s really more of a problem for tools.deps to solve (if it can).


Yeah, I feel like lein-tools-deps is at a point where early adopter community members can actually make use of it and provide feedback related to the various use cases that may arise out there.


fwiw I’ve gotten by thus far by generating a pom (via clj -Spom) — you don’t get auto-importing, but it’s a very clear execution model


Yeah, I think one new thing that lein-tools-deps gets you is Git deps (`clj -Spom` doesn't seem to support that)


ah yeh, makes perfect sense