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I need a language with Clojure's repl and OCaml/Haskell's type system.

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Those two are mutually exclusive. What happens when you say a function takes a int, but then redef it to take a string?


Say we redefine function FOO. FOO has a dependency list of "all functions that transitively depend on FOO." ALl functions on that list are re-type checked when FOO is redefined. Which should cause a type error to be thrown.


My personal 2c on the topic of earphones... If your ears are "compatible" with triple-flanged eartips and you're comfortable with sticking something near the 2nd bend of your ear canal then etymotic has the best earphones for noise isolation and sound quality. I use them during my commute everyday simple_smile


Pretty sure I've seen someone do a talk on OCaml hot-reloading and repl development long time ago....


@akiroz do you have a link to such a product?


just as a note, because it's commonly missed, noise isolation != noise cancelling

gklijs11:04:43 seems like it, they look a lot like professional earplugs.


I have similar earphones right now, but the trouble with those is earwax


@borkdude I'm using the hf5's right now and I actually prefer them over noise-cancelling headphones because it's got better attenuation for high frequency ranges but less low frequency attenuation, you'll still hear engine hum on the back row of a bus


My guess is that active noise cancellation is hard for high frequencies due to processing latency....


I suppose one could wear both to get the best results 😛


Can anybody recommend anything to get to grips with automata?


I'm trying to build up to finite state automata/transducers from combining a number of arbitrary regex.


@dominicm: Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation / hopcroft / motwani / ullman is the standard reference


Great, I was hoping to see an endorsement of that. I'll order it now. Thanks!


> To make best use of this book, students should have taken previously a course covering discrete mathematics, e.g., graphs, trees, logic, and proof techniques. I fear my lack of CS degree is going to start showing


I've read the book, all what it really needs is "proof techniques"


it's covering the proof techniques anyway it seems, although I expect it will get harder


I don't formally know any set theory, but reasoning about clojure.set seems to work

qqq20:04:16 <-- never tried this myself, but may be of interest, it's by Ullman, one of the authors of the book.


It gets a lot of heat, but "A New Kind of Science" also sheds automata in an interesting kind of light


wrt class 1, 2, 3 and 4 automata


It's not so much a text book though