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@alandipert CL is still by far my preferred language, and I keep my eye open for CL jobs, but the Lisp-y market now is mostly Clojure. But on Clojure gigs where I sense soft commitment to Clojure I do share freely on the advantages of CL (not that Clojure is not a splendid Lisp). I also want to promote my Matrix hack, and the CL market is again negligible. But I asked my OQ because I am thinking of shifting even further from CL to Javascript, again for bigger job and user markets. I feel like a prehistoric man moving across land bridge after land bridge looking for a survivable clime. Another JS bonus: MobX may be greasing the skids for data flow hacks, just as React turned many onto declarative UI programming.


I think Steele in his Constraints thesis made the same analogy between GC and constraints. Hell, programmers carried on doing GC for forty years after Lisp solved it. Like manual data change propagation, it was an unnecessary brake on software development allowed to continue simply because programmers were so inured to it. The funny thing is that at my failed Clojure-NYC presentation I asked how many had managed memory manually, and not sure I saw any hands go up. But I got quite a few hands on how many managed state manually. I was surprised they understood they were doing that. I certainly took it for granted until I tripped over data flow.


Still could not close the deal. 🙂