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Exactly! I saw the problems and decided that probably it’d be easier for me to fix those, while still giving people the chance to play with an exciting new feature.


@arrdem Thanks for working on this! Keeping in mind we’ve been talking about this since the days when CIDER was nrepl.el, I think you implemented this quite fast. 😄


Btw, I just fixed the warnings.


Apart from the rough edges mentioned by @arrdem so far I think here’s one more small addition needed - if you evaluation some image producing code in a source buffer we can show the image in a dedicated buffer. I think that’d be cool and should pretty easy now when the ground work has been done.


Yeah we'll see what gets done today but I'm going to try and head off stardiviner at the pass and at least document a CIDER setup where my demo repeatably works.


definitely want to get a tech blog post out of this work.