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New Calva out, v2.0.222, it will take a long time before we see so many 2's there. 😃 The theme here is making it easier to figure out why things are not behaving as expected/wanted. @marc-omorain’s PR would have fit perfectly, but I didn’t see if before cutting the release. Now it will fit as a follow-up instead! Outside the theme: Thanks @amar for fixing that unfortunate keybinding conflict we introduced some versions ago! • • Fix:

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Amazing new command gratitude it should help debugging issues a lot, thanks!

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You’re welcome!

Marc O'Morain19:10:51

I’ve updated my PR so that is works nicely now:

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Haha, I just replied there. Might as well respond here as well. I think test-var-query is the new way. It is what Calva uses, at least.


Thanks. I hope I understood the question correctly.


Hi all, is there a way to change the position of where the code lens ref shows in the editor? I have this issue where as I typing the code jumps around on each keystroke because the code lens flashes in and out as it recomputed usage. Anyone else experiencing this or is something just messed up with my setup?


I might have experienced it and that is why I generally try to disable code lenses. I hope there is a way to stabilize things. Might make me more keen on enabling them. Which code lenses do you enable?


Seems like I’ve seen what you describe before but when I try to replicate it now I don’t see it much. I’m not sure if there’s a way to change the position of the code lenses.