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Ngoc Khuat09:10:37

Might be a good tips for who’re new to conjure like me: by settinng g:conjure#client#clojure#nrepl#eval#raw_out to true, the output will not be commented. This add syntax highlight for some output. Will be very useful if you use things like tools.trace


Doesn't the lsp try to eval that buffer to, causing problems?

Ngoc Khuat15:10:01

I don’t think so. my log buffer doesn’t get evaluated. in fact I don’t even have auto-completion in it.


Thanks for the tip! I think you meant to say it should be true, though, right?


            Don't prefix stdout lines with `; (out)`, useful if you print data a
            lot and don't want to have to strip the comment prefixes each
            Default: `false

Ngoc Khuat23:10:55

Oh right ^^ my mistake. Set it to true will print the raw output


I'm getting an error when trying to eval the namespaces in my buffer. In general I think namespaces are a little funky for Clojurescript with Conjure. If I don't eval the namespace declaration in the buffer manually, other expressions that reference imported libs/files fail. Something like "No such namespace: Whatever". I was getting around this up until yesterday by just eval'ing the namespace manually. Now today I'm getting this.

; (err) Could not locate modern_guitar/theory__init.class, modern_guitar/theory.clj or modern_guitar/theory.cljc on classpath. Please check that namespaces with dashes use underscores in the Clojure file name.
The error makes sense, since the file is modern_guitar/theory.cljs , but it seems to me that it should work. And it was definitely working yesterday.


My environment just seems jank in general. I used a figwheel template to bootstrap my project. Since Conjure only connects to nrepl I'm currently using lein figwheel to start a repl that serves my project in the browser, and then also lein repl to start an nrepl so that conjure can connect to it.


Any help sorting my env out would be much appreciated.


This is probably not very useful to you, but I haven't used figwheel in almost four years…. Shadow's watch mode builds and offers an nrepl at the same time


I would imagine that to be possible with figwheel too, but I've never used the newer "main" version


If they are different processes, nothing you evaluate ends into the browser