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Juλian (he/him)06:10:45

is there a way to disable the use of clojure-lsp in Calva?


No, not currently.

Juλian (he/him)07:10:23

okay, will set the path to /usr/bin/false until I've built my own clojure-lsp


Yeah, that is a way. Calva isn’t really prepared for it though, so there might be dragons.

Tomas Brejla21:10:19

Woud you share with us the reason why you want to disable it @U020G9UCM1N? Anything specific not working for you?

Juλian (he/him)08:10:11

the bundled binary is amd64 and there is no 32 bit armv7 binary. the embedded JAR release of clojure-lsp requires 2GB of memory and I only have 1GB. Even if I got it running somehow, I doubt it would work properly with so low memory (Calva, the Clojure REPL, and Codium need some, too)


Thanks for the clarification! Yes, clojure-lsp has some use cases where it doesn’t reach. @U9A1RLFNV and I have discussed how to support disabling/stopping/restarting and such better. It is a reason I want to keep maintaining code in Calva that does “the same thing” as clojure-lsp provides. It is a lot of “extra” work, but gets important in cases where clojure-lsp can’t be used. I am not an 80/20 type of guy, i guess. 😃 If there isn’t an issue about disabling clojure-lsp on the repo, please feel invited to create one, @U020G9UCM1N!

Tomas Brejla13:10:20

> there is no 32 bit armv7 binary Interesting. Are you doing some "lightweight" development on a tablet, chromebook or similar? I always wanted to know some real-world experience from someone who's using those devices this way. As far as I know, 32bit native image simply cannot be generated as GraalVM's native-image tool doesn't support that 32-bit target. And that's probably not going to change anytime soon. While I understand the need for disabling clojure-lsp completely (well, why not if some people want it that way in order to have lightweigh editor), my question would be : does "non-native" clojure-lsp really require 2GB? If so, why? Isn't there some option (such as those -Xmx, -Xms jvm flags) to limit that amount of memory to reasonably small amount?


@U01LFP3LA6P You can find a discussion about clojure-lsp’s memory usage here:

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I saw once there is this online vscode github thing. What would be super cool is to give a link to a noob and then be able to pair program with them developing some website. Preferably 1 account would have vim bindings and the other doesn't. Is there something that makes this possible?


With Codespaces you should be able to just do it. Assuming LiveShare works there, but I think it does.


The thing is a VS Code “light” and Calva doesn’t work there.


There is also Gitpod. Which is used for this thing:


All that said, if the noob has VS Code, you can send them a LiveShare link w/o using any web versions. See


ah that sounds awesome thanks


Talking about share, is super annoying. Now all liveshare links open there and it takes 10 times as much clicking to get a calva share going by using the menus and pasting


When I jack in, how can I make Calva aware of my ~/.clojure/deps.end profile along with the project ones?


You can’t. But you can make Calva offer you to use any alias with calva.myCljAliases setting. See


Do you need anything beyond that?


Seems working.


Just to confirm, I only have to add the aliases defined in my ~/.clojure/deps.edn to myCljsAliases.


Why do we need this extra step?


Because Calva does not read the user deps.edn. You are welcome to make it do that. Would be nice!


Connecting to a generic nrepl via calva, get a blank line when I try to print the last stack trace. Is there some setting I'm missing?


Depends on how generic. Are the Calva dependencies available on the server?


Are you trying to print it using the code lense (the button) in the output window, btw? Otherwise it is probably not about Calva dependencies.


I'm using the Calva command. Not sure about the dependencies, but it's a local dev environment. Is there something I'm supposed to add to my project?


I can see the stack trace by evaluating *e in the REPL.


Calva depends on cider-nrepl. There is a command for copying out the command Calva would use to start the project. Copy jack-in something something. It will show you which dependencies.


(Unless the the command-line you copy out above is fine for you.)


That did it, thanks. Was using the wrong alias to start the repl from the practicalli deps.edn.


I’m happy it’s working now!