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Is there a way to evaluate an expression after local nREPL is started? I’d like to achieve the same behavior as -e option of clj command.

Mateusz Mazurczak11:10:22

Hi, when I run load file in repl for cljs files. I get wrong path sent to a repl (it is just sending absolute path /home/user/.../ instead of src/..) Can I change sent to repl path manually to send shorter path?


Hmm, I think this should work - what type of REPL are you running? (clojure.main, nREPL, etc)


Does this happen for all files?


how can i force cursive to regenerate stub? after upgrading intellij+cursive all datomic stuff looks unresolved


Yes, I need an explicit action to allow this. Currently the best way to force it is to refresh your project using either the lein or deps toolwindow.


i usually do Cmd-Shift-A "ref dep" Enter to run the Refresh Clojure Deps Project action. i need it so rarely, i didn't feel like i would need to come up with some shortcut key for it.


What I meant was that that there should be an action to check the stubs without having to refresh the project.


I think there is an error with two projects open. Let's say A or B. I have the window of B open and i get the prompt for generating stubs. I see that is generating stubs for project A (or at least that's what i see in the bar at the bottom of the screen with the activity)


and then no stubs are still present


having only one project open fixed it for me, maybe a bug, @cfleming?


Hmm, that could be. Are the stubs for the same dependency (e.g. datomic)? Could you file a bug with some repro info, please?

Shantanu Kumar15:10:57

Hi, is there a way to set CLJ_CONFIG env var for a deps.edn project in Cursive?


As Alex mentioned, you can do this for run configs, but you can’t do it for project resolution. You definitely should be able to, and I’ll fix this.


There’s a request for this at, I’ve just set it for the current EAP cycle and I’ll fix it there.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:10:38

you can set env vars on run configurations