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Good Morning!


Morning. Getting rid of CVEs. What a drag.

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Morning. I played some with scad-clj yesterday, great fun! See #off-topic for context. 😃


more off-topic than here? (I know it will have a larger audience 😉 )

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And now there is a #scad-clj channel as well.


<rant_mode>why did Redux ever become popular... there is soooo much boiler plate you can hardly find the bits where it does the real work!!!</rant_mode>

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do you have a front end library you do like?


re-frame :d


I quite like Reagent... as it is simple. but no cljs unfortunately here.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)15:10:41

Exactly my feelings about Redux! That's why I fell in love with #fulcro (which, I feel, provides a more complete solution, including the backend, than re-*)


Fulcro does solve a lot of problems and includes a kitchen sink. But when I tried to use it it certainly wasn't easy or simple IMHO.


Agreed, but it was less boilerplatey than its facebook alternative at the time: flux

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:10:36

Fulcro is simple - you just need to invest time in understanding its few basic principles, which is an issue, because they are rather innovative and thus just assuming it works certain ways, as we tend to, leads to pain. The getting started experience has certainly been difficult because the documentation is exhaustive - though this has changed with the introduction of the and its series of exercises. (I would argue your "kitchen sink" claim. IMO Fulcro does mostly only contain what it has to (and you can simply disregard the few extras you do not care about).) Learning Fulcro certainly takes much more time than learning e.g. Helix - but, in my experiences, it pays off many times in the long run. (Well, unless you only make trivial apps.)


it's more idiomatic to use {:rantmode "text"} ... less boilerplate 😆