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Ivan Fedorov12:10:30

Has anyone seen malli to datomic schema translation projects?


There was a pretty good talk about using malli for this from summer 2020, I think.


It's not just malli->datomic, but IIRC there's enough information here to figure it out.

Ivan Fedorov13:10:18

@U028BUU1P3R talk is awesome, thanks! Is there any underlying open source?

Ivan Fedorov13:10:15

I have the experience and the will to write such generator, a question is if I’ll be duplicating someone’s efforts


I don't think there is any source shared from this talk, but I was able to get something similar working myself but with datahike. I ran into some trouble getting the described "ref" system working, but even so I was able to get a pretty decent result.


Not sure how much is covered, but there has been some work done for eql and specs:

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