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The cider-ns-refresh function in cider is causing java.sql.SQLException: HikariDataSource HikariDataSource (HikariPool-1) has been closed. in luminus.. this used to not be the case. A simple way to repro it: 1. lein new luminus datasource-closed-bug +sqlite 2. cd datasource-closed-bug 3. In routes/home.clj add a simple call to (db/get-user {:id 1}) no need to do anything with the return value 4. Boot the repl in cider, (start) the app, (migrate) 5. load http://localhost:3000 -> it works 6. execute cider-ns-refresh 7. refresh http://localhost:3000 -> HikariDataSource HikariDataSource (HikariPool-1) has been closed