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My cider repl sessions are crashing, but I'm not sure how to debug it. I'm REPLing away when all of a sudden my send-to-repl commands are failing because there "Is No Linked CIDER Session". I don't see any error messages anywhere... is there a way to enable logging or something to troubleshoot what's going on? (I'm using Doom, cider-nrepl 0.27.2 and cider with


Thanks this is just what I needed, I'll start troubleshooting and see what's going on.


Hi there, does cider-debug-function-at-point replace the var of the function? I am trying to debug a pedestal handler but I cannot seem to get it working...


yes. i think the way it works is that instruments the forms by reevaluating with custom debugger code involved

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That explains it thank you - every time I refresh I have a new var and that debug info is lost - sounds good


yeah. that's how you uninstrument a function, just re-eval it

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