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Pinchas Laivich19:05:09

Hello, I am trying to get started with Calva VS Code plugin + lein re-frame template, but having some trouble 😞 • I run lein new re-frame reframe-app • Then "Calva: Start a project REPL and connect (Jack-in)" • Select "shadow-cljs" and ":app" build • REPL prompts me whether to connect to :app, node-repl, browser,repl, I select ":app" • I visit localhost:8080 and I get the default re-frame message. The websocket connection is good • Run "Calva: Load Current Files and Dependencies" And get: Evaluating file: filename.cljs No application has connected to the REPL server. Make sure your JS environment has loaded your compiled ClojureScript code. No results from file evaluation. • I get the same error when running "Calva: Evaluate Current Form"


It is not as straight-forward as it should be... But try this: 1. Jack-in 2. select Leiningen + lein-shadow as the project type 3. select to start build :app 4. select to launch with No alias 5. select to launch with the dev profile 6. wait while things start 7. open http://localhost:8280 in your browser 8. select to connect to the :app build


Then Calva should be connected and load the file w/o complaints.


if you are online and have the time right now I can guide you over Zoom if you like.

Pinchas Laivich20:05:13

I tried those steps in 2 environments (one in remote vm via SSH, one local/regular) and still getting the error

Pinchas Laivich20:05:11

I'm using node v14.3.0, npm 6.14.5, openj dk 11.0.7 if that makes any difference


@U0ETXRFEW if there is any wording/explanation we can add to the template to make it easier, please just make a quick PR and we'll get it published straight away. i seems to me that Calva is getting more and more important


@U051MTYAB , I'll cook a PR.


@adamhorwitzcorrespond I noticed you mentioned opening the browser app on port 8080. Was that a typo? Otherwise that could be the source off this error message.

Pinchas Laivich10:05:04

@U0ETXRFEW Oops that was just a typo, I meant 8280


Too bad! 😀 But we'll sort this out. I'll be available for a zoom later today again.

Pinchas Laivich12:05:26

Thanks a lot, I might have to take you up on that. I do have an interview in a couple hours (for Clojure lol) but anytime after 3.5 hrs works for me

Pinchas Laivich12:05:29

I have the feeling im overlooking something obvious so after this is sorted out i'll make a write up to help others get up to speed as well


Holler my way when you're available. I wish you good fortunes landing that job!


@U051MTYAB PR sent! 😃


@adamhorwitzcorrespond if you're still awake, I can try help you get started with that project over zoom. I'll be awake for some 20 minutes more or so. 😃

Pinchas Laivich19:05:01

I am new to CLJS in general so I'm not sure if I'm missing something obvious, or if there's more I need to set up on Calva's end


@adamhorwitzcorrespond, it should work, but the process assumes some knowledge about the project setup, which trips people up when they are new to it all and use a template. I try to provide some settings to templates, but this one I have missed. I hope the pointers I gave in the thread above will unblock you. Will go afk now for a while, hopefully someone else here can provide some help should you need it.

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