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@srijayanth That sounds like some pretty annoying issues. I haven't experienced those myself, but if you can submit an issue with for any problem(s) in the latest version, along with any helpful info from above, that can be a good start toward a fix. As usual a repro is pretty necessary, but anything is good to start with. Submitting an issue from the VS Code help menu will give your system details.


Dear Calva friends. I need help testing a change to Calva Jack-in. We are currently abusing the VS Code API a bit for this, and the worry is that it will stop working. Since I now do the shell-out in a different way it could be that all hat horror with command line quoting comes back, or at leat some of it. Especially on windows and powershell environments, Please give this VSIX some spins! Please, please. ❤️ • PR: • VSIX:


This is great!


I’ve started to prefer having a separate terminal instance running and connecting to it (rather than jacking in). specially since calva jack-in only works for simple project setups, not mono repos or workspaces (unless that’s changed recently)


In what way doesn't it work with those?


e.g. sometimes calva wouldn’t find my project root. don’t have an example at hand though, just remember running into it.


currently in order to connect correctly, for example, i open my root shadow-cljs.edn file and then try to connect, otherwise if i’m in a file of nested project (linked using :local/root) calva treats my nested project’s deps.edn as root


Ah, yes. Please file an issue about that with your desired behavior. I think we can get jack-in to deal with it better.