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[com.wsscode/async “1.0.9”] [com.wsscode/async “1.0.10”] is out! This release adds two new helpers: - timeout-chan - add timeouts with ease - pulling-retry - a way to do a constant pulling on a value until its ready or a timeout happens Find the docs for those at:

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Just did a new release 1.0.10, I noticed on deftest-async I'm using namespaced keywords for config, and I had used simple ones on pulling-retry, new version makes so every case uses qualified ones, but its a breaking change, please upgrade 🙂


this also introduces a simpler inteface for common scenarios on pulling-retry


[lilactown/helix "0.0.11"] has been released! This is a great release not only because of new features / bug fixes, but also because it’s the collaborative work of people in the community to help build a great library 🙂 Helix is a React wrapper for ClojureScript focusing on compile-time optimizations and ergonomics. It provides as little runtime as possible, while allowing us to still use all of the great things about ClojureScript: immutable data, REPL-driven development, and a great standard library! Changelog and docs are here: Big thanks to @wxitb2017 @dominicm @alidcastano @orestis @tomc and others for contributing code, docs and feedback 🏆

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seancorfield/next.jdbc {:mvn/version "1.0.445"} -- a modern low-level wrapper for JDBC-based access to databases -- -- It's been a while since I announced a new release this widely so check out the change log for everything that has been added/updated recently. In this release: Enhancements: * Enhanced support in plan for "metadata" access: row-number and column-names can be called on the abstract row (even after calling datafiable-row). In addition, Associative access via numeric "keys" will read columns by index, and row abstractions now support Indexed access via nth (which will also read columns by index). Fixes #110 (better support for the as-arrays builder with plan). Support for Stuart Sierra's Component library, via next.jdbc.connection/component. See updated *Getting Started guide for usage. Note that Component is not a dependency -- if you don't use Component, you can ignore this function. * Investigate possible solutions for #106 (mutable transaction thread safety) -- experimental locking on Connection object. Documentation: * Add example of getting generated keys from execute-batch!. * Add MySQL-specific result set streaming tip. Add array handling example to PostgreSQL *Tips &amp; Tricks. PR #108 from @maxp. Follow-up in #sql

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