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Drew Verlee21:05:52

how to rename multiple files recursively: 1. find-named-dir 2. enter dir you want to rename 3. press "t" in this new buffer to mark all files 4. dired-do-rename-regexp (%R) 5. enter new name 6. profit

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Drew Verlee21:05:58

so between that and iedit mode you get everything

Drew Verlee21:05:34

I'm stuck between thinking org mode is a good replacement for trello (for me). But also feeling like its a bit too much like... (satire about VR)


I understand more of Magit forge now, although its not the greatest experience. Its find if you know exactly what everything means. Repositories need to be added to the forge database (from the forge menu). Then creating and listing issues is obvious enough, although I didnt see a way to label issues. Creating a fork from an existing repository is fairly straight forward. I also managed to create a pull request using forge. Using a fork I created using forge, I pushed a new branch to the fork and then used forge to create a pull request on the original repository. I cant say its as nice to use as the rest of Magit, but I'll probably use it to create pull requests to repository.


@drewverlee I use org mode (org-journal) for my daily todo list and GitHub issues for specific projects. I use TODO states on headings and checkboxes for specific tasks.


I havent delved into the mysteries of org agenda yet though and I dont use the org-capture feature, although I did used to. I find the org-journal a fairly simple approach and it rolls over tasks I havent marked as done.