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Does anyone have any conveniently packaged ways to generate S3 pre-signed GET URLs? I don't want to use the Java SDK, because I'm already using Cognitect's SDK to keep JAR size down; I've seen which has a workaround gist but only for POSTs (and adapting it to GET/PUT style requests is nontrivial). There's, but that only takes an access key and a secret, not a session token (which is necessary for role creds).

Jacob Emcken14:10:55

I created my own lib without a ton of external dependencies: So far I have successfully used it in a Babashka script without any pods.


@lvh our next version of aws-api should have some support for presigning

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Hooray! I guess I’ll put up with the extra Lambda size for a little then :)


there are SHAs in our github that do it presently, but you're on your own


SHAs as in specific commits?


We're working on it in the execution-flow branch, so, for now, consider HEAD of that branch to be a moving pre-alpha target 😉


Awesome, thanks! Well give it a shot :)