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Hi, I came across Meander and it looks pretty cool. What are main user cases? Is it meant to be used with Spec?

Jimmy Miller20:05:56

Hey @dennisa welcome. People here have used meander for a number of different things. In general, I’d say meander excels when you are converting from one data format to different representation. Meander is a bit different from things like specter in that it doesn’t focus on arbitrarily nested transformations but in helping you solve to real data transformation problems we face all the time. As for spec, meander doesn’t have any particular opinion about people using spec or not. In the next version of meander (zeta) we hope to have some features that will let you do some of the things people use spec for.


Thanks for the detailed answer @U5K8NTHEZ I guess it's enough to stick with core.match for basic pattern matching, or for queries like this:

(filter #(re-find timestamp %) seqq)