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@olical I have v3.4.0 installed and let g:conjure_config = {"log.botright?": v:true} set in my nvim/init.vim file but when I open a .janet file, the HUD is still in the top left. Am I doing something wrong?


Nope! It doesn't move the HUD, it's a modifier for where the log window opens when you open it in a new split


The HUD tries to avoid covering your cursor


Ah, my misunderstanding.


Not a problem! I think the HUD should move to avoid covering your cursor. This feature was mainly just about tiny splits opening up when you have lots of splits open. Depends on your workflow if it's useful or not really.


Kinda Offtopic: But my new daily routine now with conjure is open a new session to work, copy the session name in google image and say aloud "It's so fluffy"

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Hahahaa I love it!!!! 😄


@olical just wanted to say thank you, again. Got back into clojuring a bit and the new version is impressive!

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YAY! I mean, it's come full circle then, you're the one who got me into it in the first place. You accidentally slapped a career I love onto my brain, so, thank you! And thank you so much for the sponsorship, you really don't need to but it's hugely appreciated. Helps me find that energy I need to work on things, can't wait to improve thing for you further!


you're welcome man, thanks again!