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Hi, probably being thick-skulled here, but I've been on hiatus and the furniture has been moved quite a bit in the last several months. My objective is to come up with the right opts map to (crux/start-node) to allow me to have a postgres doc store, and the rocks kv store. Sadly 4 runs through the docs don't elucidate. The postgres part is fine, I just don't detect that my kv store is warming up in the directory I thought I was pointing it at. Anybody got an example of this?


Hey @U19EVCEBV! Did you try adding a kv entry in that topology vector?


E.g. crux.kv.rocksdb/kv-store ?


no I didn't. I saw in various places in the doc where there was a second entry there, but couldn't find a place where that was explained.


I suppose the default must be something memory like?


that got it going.

🙂 4

so the topology vector is 2 parts, first being docstore, second being kvstore?

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