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Is there a shortcut for convolute-sexp ?


No, there's no shortcut for it due to the simple fact that Cursive doesn't implement it :)


It is trivial to search whether there is a shortcut for it. Thought it was understood that I was asking why Cursvie doesn't implement it? 馃檪


Mostly, because no-one has ever asked for it, and IIRC back in the day I couldn't find a good explanation of how it should actually work.


Found this and but yeah if you think it doesn't demand much priority now, then alright. But it is a very useful shortcut which one can employ often once they understand what it does.


Example, if I want to move the let outside the testing while keeping the internal block the same, I can invoke convolute-sexp from the caret position:

(testing "I am a test"
  (let [some-var 10]<caret>
    (is (= some-var 10))))


(let [some-var 10]
  (testing "I am a test"
    (is (= some-var 10))))

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I just came across a situation where this could be useful

Walt Stoneburner18:05:13

Every once in a while, I get an Event Log message that looks like this: "Error running 'REPL for projectname': Deferred parameters have not been cached!" ( I don't remember it ever doing that. ) It seems to happen when I restart the REPL (sometimes). Any idea what it's complaining about or what I do to fix it?


Which version of Cursive are you using?

Walt Stoneburner23:05:59

Looks like v1.9.2-eap4-2020.1


Hmm, so that's definitely a bug, but I'm not sure what could cause that to happen sporadically. I fixed a bug relating to this a while back, but that one always happened on every run. If you manage to narrow down when this happens that would be helpful in tracking it down.

Walt Stoneburner23:05:09

From what I can tell, if my code is running and I do a restart REPL (because I changed some source), I get the message. But, if I have stopped my code and then "restart", there's no error. For a little more context, the application is a Ring server application -- so it's very likely that there are background threads, defers, and unresolved promises hanging about. Any idea what the error message means or where it might be coming from?


It comes from Cursive, and the short answer is: it's complicated :)

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IntelliJ normally runs run configs on the swing EDT, which means that if running the config takes a long time, the UI will lock up.


Lein in particular can take a very long time to calculate the classpath if you're using snapshot repos, so I have to do a black magic song and dance behind the scenes to ensure that doesn't happen on the EDT so the UI remains responsive.

Walt Stoneburner23:05:44

I did just note that it wanted exception report #4170 sent to Cursive... java.lang.AssertionError: Assert failed: port at nrepl.core$connect.invokeStatic(core.clj:168) at nrepl.core$connect.doInvoke(core.clj:168) at clojure.lang.RestFn.invoke( at cursive.repl.nrepl$start$fn__12069.invoke(nrepl.clj:121) at cursive.repl.nrepl$start.invokeStatic(nrepl.clj:120) at cursive.repl.nrepl$start.invoke(nrepl.clj:116) at cursive.repl.process_runner$run_nrepl_server$fn__15263.invoke(process_runner.clj:155) at cursive.repl$start.invokeStatic(repl.clj:55) at cursive.repl$start.invoke(repl.clj:51) at cursive.repl.toolwindow$create_new_repl$fn__12021.invoke(toolwindow.clj:753) at cursive.repl$submit$ at at at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl$ at java.base/ at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at java.base/


That error message basically means that that step didn't work properly.


What sort of project (deps, lein etc) is this?

Walt Stoneburner23:05:16

It was started as a fairly bland Lein project, actually.


BTW you don't generally have to restart your REPL when you change sources either, you should just be able to load the new sources live into the REPL.


What sort of REPL config are you using? That exception usually happens with remote REPLs.


I have to step away for a bit, sorry - I'll be back in an hour or so if you're still around.

Walt Stoneburner23:05:37

This is where you're starting to dance on the edge of my knowledge, so pardon me if none of this is helpful. I just basically followed the how to install Cursive directions off the web page, right click the project.clj file and slect Run 'REPLY for project'. At that point I have a REPL window in IntelliJ. I'm running everything locally at my workstation, and the REPL tab is prefixed with "Local:" .... any of that useful?


Yes, thanks, I'll try to reproduce based off that info.

Walt Stoneburner23:05:08

( I will be, suspect I may be afk during dinner or so... but I'll leave this open. )


For the record, I also encountered this on repl restart sporadically on deps projects.


Looks like I can reproduce it


Is that just using the restart button?


BTW imre, you're talking about the Deferred parameters error or the Assert failed: port one? Or do you get both messages?


Sorry, I did not notice there were 2 errors discussed. It is the deferred parameters error, whenever I try to restart a repl using the restart button.


It isn't something I use too often, but sometimes it comes in handy when I feel my running app is too polluted for further work. I quickly got used to stopping and starting it after the first few times I saw the problem.

Walt Stoneburner14:05:54

@U0567Q30W -- this was just the restart (but I can't say that I've done a lot of exploratory work beyond that; happy to conduct experiments). @U08BJGV6E -- did you reproduce it the same way? I didn't know if the Assert failed: port was related or not, but I see that every so often; have not figured out what triggers it. Usually there's just a small red exclamation mark from IntelliJ that I happen to notice much later, so it's hard to correlate what action is causing this.


I reprod by starting a repl, waiting for it to initialise, then hitting the restart button

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I just tried to reproduce this and I can't. I created a new deps project, ran the repl, then used the restart button, and it all worked. Does this happen consistently for you both on all projects?


I'll check that later today


@U0567Q30W in my case it looks like this is something to do with 'Run with deps' and an alias. See the attached file, it's a pretty much empty deps.edn. When I run the repl with deps, I cannot restart it. If I run it with the intellij classpath, I can. As I was playing with it, changing deps etc, sometimes, after running with the IJ classpath, the issue went away even for the deps repl, but it came back when I changed my deps


Thanks imre, I'll try to repro with that.