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Drew Verlee14:05:05

Is there a way to get the clojure function examples from clojuredocs into the docs for emacs?


Cider has them already, since an update a few months ago


Trying to test it cider-clojuredocs > ClojureDocs doc for: typing - "conj" and got an error "helm-M-x-execute-command: Wrong type argument: char-or-string-p, nil". @U7S5E44DB Do you know if I using it right? upd. cider is up and running. cider-clojuredocs-refresh-cache worked fine.


OH, sorry I think I got it.


It has to be called from within repl(not from your file with clj code). Looks pretty good. Thanks for your answer!


It sounds like there's an issue with helm-M-x? M-x cider-clojuredocs (or C-c C-d C-c by default) works on clj files

Drew Verlee15:05:00

damnt. how did i miss that

Drew Verlee15:05:18

super cool

🤝 8