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Oliver George04:05:13

Krell sticks with the React Native convention of source file relative asset paths. (Re-natal was different and from memory encouraged a top level asset dir approach.)


I can't get the asset require to work whatever I try. Evaluating it in the REPL i get nil regardless what path I use, as long as it is relative (I get an error if I use an absolute path). I'm thinking I should get an error if I provide a relative path that doesn't resolve to a real file? And a file descriptor number if it resolves?


asset requires don't work in the REPL since metro needs to provide them


and that is only done on load


(in shadow-cljs at least, not actually sure what krell does)

Oliver George21:05:16

@pez I had that at one point and a clean build fixed it. When I clean I delete ‘out’ and ‘.cpcache’.