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In case anyone is wondering where I’ve been: last week I was on a SANS course, which 6 days of up to 14 hour days. It was a lot. I’m back this week, playing catchup. Also, I haven’t been well these past couple of days, so I’m a bit sluggish. But I’m here. I even released some concurrency fixes on Monday in alpha 8


Things are looking stable right now, and I need to get to some new features, so I’ll be drawing a line under it, and calling it a beta. So long as there are no glaring issues, that will be my candidate for 2.0.0.

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I wouldn’t normally take so long to put something out officially like this, but the whole storage layer (which is still a work in progress) is such a big thing that I wanted a bit of time for it to settle


though, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that most of the problems between the alpha versions have not been in that layer 🙂