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I would like my js client to ask for new posts from the server every X seconds. I am simply nesting a call to check-loop within check-loop. is am running into many more calls than expected. how can i get the desired behavior of a function being called every X seconds?


setInterval seems to do the trick

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In re-frame, if I want to start and stop a timer on an event, would this go in a co-effect and a use-case for reg-event-fx ?


Also, we have #re-frame


Hi, first question. I use some templates which reference online css files. What is the best practise, continue to reference them and be up to date. Or copy paste it in my local resources to freeze the behavior.


I assume you mean CDNs. They have pros and cons, there's no clear-cut answer. This is (was) a very popular topic, there's a *lot* of discussions online.


I was much more basic in my question. I found people referencing remote css all the time and wonder why. Now I know cdn I understand why. I have a doubt on their stability. Both in terms of content and availability. Ill read. Thx


Very often the answer behind other people's choice in such matter is "laziness". :) It's very easy to just put a CDN URL there and forget about it till something breaks or till you rewrite the whole thing.

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Drew Verlee22:04:39

Has anyone deployed an android app using cljs and expo recently? I'm trying to follow the instructions here and i'm worried the entire pipeline is dependent on this idea of a react native sdk which i'm reading is now officially supported.

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I was able to create an Android app using another project.