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John McNicholas10:04:40

Coming up later this month is the, where you can hear the latest research & advancements from experts at Facebook, DeepMind, McDonald's, Amazon, Nestlé, Deepgram, Cisco, OpenText & more! 💬 Topics covered include: • Toward Lifelong Conversational AI • NLU & Computer Vision • Generic ASR Will Never be Accurate Enough for Conversational AI • Extracting Conversation Highlights Using Dialog Acts • Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning 📌 View the agenda in full: ➡️ Book your discounted ticket here:

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This probably belongs in #events, not here


It probably doesn't belong in this slack at all

mkvlr13:04:27 is the directory watcher from as a small standalone library. As a good Clojure library, it’s hatching from its 🥚 at v1.0.0 today, with the hope of it never needing to change again. 🤞 It’s built on top of to fix the still unsatisfactory performance of the JDKs built-in file watcher on macOS. Thanks @dnolen for the initial development and the kind permission to extract it. 🙏

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In the README: should (beholder/stop watcher) be (beholder/stop beholder)?


ugh, yes! there comes the first change 🙈


but only to the readme hopefully


I should have pull-requested it, I suppose…


And… probably a stupid question (or one I should test). When you have a watcher running, does it prevent JVM exit?


it should not


Very cool! Does Krell now use this library as well? (I know I could answer this Q by checking, but just felt like asking)


the linter has a new release! we've given it a push, fixing a number of years-long bugs. Importantly, a new `:ignored-faults` option is offered, allowing you to ignore specific instances of faults on a per-file/per-line basis. This eases the possibility of using Eastwood as a hard CI check. Followup in #eastwood - stay tuned for further fixes :)

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Karol Wójcik14:04:03

@U45T93RA6 how do you generate those changelog entries?


I did by hand :)

Karol Wójcik17:04:48

@U45T93RA6 Huh. Will try to rigor myself to do the same. 😄 Thanks!

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