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Michael Nardell13:04:22

@jimmy Thanks, it is entirely possible I am using Meander in fundamentally the wrong way. I want to build up a data graph from different sources. Also, I should have mentioned that I elided many of the data fields from the actual out put I showed.

Jimmy Miller13:04:37

Yeah sorry I didn't find time last night. Today is my non-busy evening. So I can definitely get to it at some point to day. I will say as a general thing, if you want to keep the nesting structure, I’d recommend rewrite with some memory variables instead of search. Search is going to give you all possible matches of your data as a seq. Rewrite with memory variables will let you control the exact output. If you can give a desired input output pair, that would be super useful.

Michael Nardell16:04:21

@jimmy Yeah, I figured I need get into memory variables. I will start paying closer attention that topic in your documentation. Thanks!