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Hello, I manage the software development team at Dividend Finance. We are helping homeowners install solar panels and taking advantage of the 26% U.S federal tax credit. We also lend for home improvement projects. We have open positions for mid and senior Clojure/Clojurescript developers to help build web applications and APIs used by our installers and employees. Our stack includes a Clojure web app deployed on Heroku with Clojurescript, Postgresql, Github, Box, Docusign, and Salesforce. We have a small team (~12 devs), so you will have a big impact and get the opportunity to wear a lot of hats including (code implementation, architecture, product features, UX design, development lifecycle, testing). You will be responsible for influencing our tools and processes in addition to delivering features. Our mission is to maximize solar energy usage with a frictionless financing process. We have over 1000 installers signed up and have financed 45,000+ installations. The ideal candidate can not only write code, but has a proven track record of working with product to turn ideas into designs and work with the team to implement and deploy them as well as provide feedback on designs and implementations of others. We have an office in San Francisco located on California @ Sansome, close to Montgomery BART, most developers have always been remote, but SF Bay Area based developers have been working remotely since mid-March. You would join a team of 12 developers spread across 4 timezones (all permanently remote now) that is split in to 4 scrum teams. Our development process is very collaborative with our product team along with the other developers, so communication skills are important. Successful developers are eager to learn the business domain and have a hand in the design and implementation of features, not just programming to a specification. The interview process consists of four 1 hour interviews (all through video) with members of our technology and product teams. One interview will have some small technical problems, but it is open note with your REPL running. Unfortunately we are limited to candidates that are authorized to work in the U.S. Apply:;ccId=19000101_000001&amp;jobId=40011 or Direct message me if you have questions.

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