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Hi, I’m very early in my decision process in regards to moving from Luminus/re-frame to Fulcro/Pathom. Currently reading and watching to get an overview. I regards to Pathom, I understand that you can have many resolvers that are able to provide the same key, and that the sequence you list resolvers in acts as a priority. But what happens if a resolver just might be able to provide a given key, but can’t guarantee it? Will Pathom try another resolver to fill in the blanks? The context for my question is log analysis. Analysing a handful of log lines for a given session/scenario might or might not provide some piece of information. Can Pathom capture this scenario? Can you state e.g: ::pc/output [:x :y :z], only get :x :y back and have :z provided from another resolver event after running this resolver that stated that it could provide :z?


hello 🙂 yes, pathom does backtrack when there are multiple options, so if some path can't fulfill the data, pathom will try another one


Thanks, that sounds good. “Backtrack” might be the magic word I did not search for when trying to find the answer. 🙂


my bad there, this part is not properly documented