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Question: I can add a depency to my deps.edn file by using clj-refactor . However, given to the middleware not working with recent java versions, I can't also do the hot-loading of the dependency. In the github issue for this, pomegranate is mentioned as a stopgap measure My question is: how many of you are actually using something similar to the pomegranate setup and how many just restart the repl? Second, I really like the completions for the package names when I use clj-refactor. Besides the hotload issue, is there a way to add the main module to the ns form? Maybe choosing it from a list of namespaces that a package supports?


I'm using tools.deps.alpha as @seancorfield show in this video at about min. 15


I also do that with tools.deps.alpha ... although my repls start pretty fast now with tools.deps so many times I have just reverted to bouncing the repl process


Still a very nice feature to have, I grew accustomed to it back when all my lein repl processes took a very long time to load