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Does anyone know what it tends to mean when you connect to a transactor and typically see log messages of type :log/catchup-fulltext ?


I take it you are using on-prem? Are you encountering an error or performance issue that has you concerned about this message? In general, the messages around catchup are INFO level logs that show on connect to a DB to load the latest for fulltext attributes. But this is for troubleshooting support only and not a relied upon metric.


Yes, we're using on-prem. When we see this message, there's a significant latency in connecting to datomic - sometimes minutes. The connection completes after it finishes logging this stuff.


Hey @U07VBK5CJ log a support case with me and I’ll take a look. You can just email a general description to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. If you can attach transactor logs (active and standby) that’d be ideal.


Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this thread update today


No problem @U1QJACBUM - thanks for the reply. I've mentioned this to my boss, who deals with our datomic license. I'll see if it is possible to get the transactor logs as well.