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arachne is definitely going to be enterprise ready when it hits version 1.0 The java EE and Spring developer inside me is really pleased . 😀 that's a hard thing to say without sounding sarcastic


Glad to hear! Spring is definitely a big inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, I kind of hate Spring, but it did a few things right and I’m trying to replicate those in a way that doesn’t suck 🙂


with all the additional Clojure goodness of course


Any thoughts to share on how vase and arachne relate to one another? Do you think they present alternative approaches with different tradeoffs, or do you think they may play nicely together in the same app?


@donaldball they are the product of different but parallel trains of thought. Vase is all about creating a data-oriented description of a set of services, and Arachne is about that and more. However, Arachne can leverage a lot of what Vase does pretty easily, if I write a Vase-Arachne module that incorporates a Vase config into an Arachne app. So they are not at odds, at all.


Vase did a lot of the work I probably would have ended up doing myself at some point 🙂


Nice, thanks.