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Hiya everyone! You probably noticed that we’ve been extra busy the last 6 months or so. We’re starting to roll out Pyroclast to a few more customers and wanted to take the veil off a bit more:


Pyroclast ships a fully virtualized distributed environment to build Onyx data pipelines inside the browser. Each keystroke you take recompiles and reruns an Onyx job, giving you feedback about how your data changes as it moves through your workflow. At any point in time, you can extract the underlying Onyx job. Or run it on our cluster.


Very nice! This should easy onboarding 😄


@nha Letting users into the Simulated environment is easy. We’ll open to with full availability likely next week. The part we need to go slowly on is adding customers to the hosted cloud environment.


Need to earn your battle scars for every new big deploy in your career, heh.


We have a post up on the New section of HackerNews if anyone can spare an upvote. 🙂