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I noticed the application says, Clojure wasn't accepted in 2015 in, maybe that's a typo, because it was.


should be 2016


I'm thinking of a couple of ideas, but I'm not entirely sure if they're feasible GSoC projects. So maybe experienced Clojure programmers can let me know what you think: - SMT based verification tool in Clojure/wrapper around Z3. - Memory/performance profiler. (I'm not sure of what's the state of the art in this space in Clojure, I'm thinking of something along the lines of


I'd be interested in (co)-mentoring a student on a project.


@akhileshs Thanks for catching that error. This evenging, I’m planning on putting up the full application and profile I am planning on submitting.


As far as project ideas go, at this point, there is no harm in putting something a little ambitious up. Maybe in the expected results it would be good to be clear what would be good for the student to accomplish.


In any case, this is just ideas for the moment. If a student expresses interest, the student must develop the idea and come up with a reasonable plan.