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sorry, are you asking with a view to implementing it?


yeah that's a good point about trigger/modify


not really sure how you could avoid it, other than telling people to be careful


yes with a view to implementation decisions 🙂 yeah I believe it would be prohibitively complex and slow performance-wise to try and prevent that kind of mishap @danielcompton


actually I managed to to this myself in a unit test 😆 @danielcompton


My 2c, it could be enabled on debug only, the check is valuable 👍


Hello. In our SPA, when the user clicks the logout link, I want to do a synchronous post to a certain url just like submitting a standard html form would do it. No Ajax, just post some data, then do whatever the response tells the browser to do (redirect or render the received HTML). How can I do that?


@igel, you might find http-fx useful - It does use ajax, but on-success & on-failure will give you the control that you are looking for.


Thanks, we're using it for our AJAX things, but I now want to do a non-ajax call. I guess, it can't do it


How might one add HTML attributes to the rendered re-com component? Demo is here- but can't seem to get it working correctly. Not sure if this is the right place for re-com questions...


The :data-source + typeahead component is working otherwise