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Drew Verlee02:02:40

so i heard someone claim that investors care what framework or tool you use, be it apache spark or rails vs django. Is there any validity to this? Why? How?


@drewverlee based on my personal experience, most of investors don't care about framework or programming tools.


i've met a investor who knows and admire clojure


You can always play the Paul Graham card (he recommends Clojure).


@pesterhazy : does PG recommend Clojure, or Lisp in general (and Arc in specific) ?


interesting, so his argument boils down to: use a lisp .-- a popualr one -- clojure


I think, one of the differences between when Graham built Viaweb and today, is, that back then, there were not that much libraries and tools available like today. So you most probably had to build a lot of stuff yourself. While today it is more important to pick a language with a large community that is backed by a lot of proved tools and libraries. Which basically boils down to a few big ones, where one of them is Java. Clojures interoperability with java is the key point here, as without it you would have to rewrite a lot of stuff yourself. I mean, its a lisp on the JVM what much more do you want 😄


@sveri: I'd like lisp on jvm with haskell/ocaml's type system 🙂


I bought the book.


The language never quite clicked for me.


It was like "ketchup is good; icecream is good; you're going to love this ketchup flavoured icecream"


@schmee: also, for the "clojure port" : developed by Hakan Raberg <mailto:[email protected]|hrab[email protected]> currently unmaintained and in need of updating

qqq09:02:18 <-- 4 years ago for last change


I looked into it a few years ago. Interesting what it has become. A cloud based language where you have to pay 10 Pound / month to use it. I never saw a programming language as a service, funny 😄


You can buy in at either a home version or a commercial version. The home license gives you nearly all the facilities of the commercial version for £10 a month on a machine of your choice. You can also make money from the Home Version because the Shen kernel is BSD from:


yeah, I completely lost interest in Shen after I read this:


going by this text, to me Mark portrayed himself as a very bitter person


I would use a programming language invented by Sauron himself if it made me more productive; but the issue here is even after buying/reading the Shen book, I never got it.


Is there a formal documentation for the "Shen Kernel" ?


I keep on getting the download link, I'm curious what the primitives of this language are.


the number of started (but discarded) ports of the shen kernel mirrors my feelings


one of the biggest problems with Shen, IMO was overcoming the stigma of its old license.


Once the public equates your application with "wacko license", it's hard to convince them otherwise once it switches to something else.


I used to hear a lot about shen back in the day, but not in the past 4 years, mostly due to the license.


I'm of the impression if there was any groundbreaking / cool ideas, some lisp would have stolen it as a feature