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Hi all, in February last year an interview I was supposed to have at MixRadio was cancelled because the service was being closed by Line. So I was wondering, 1 year later, what happened to the MixRadio's people? If any of you are on this slack (or know some of them), how are you doing? How did the closing went? Are some of you still on Clojure? Cheers.


it all kind of went as you would expect really


i.e. not that great, but everyone moved on


quite a few people managed to find clojure jobs


some at Ovo, some got involved in startups, myself got a remote clojure role


AudioGum was set up, a bit of a phoenix from the ashes of MR


quite a few people are there, and still Clojuring


not to put words in everyone's mouths, but i think we all still miss MixRadio a lot, and miss the environment we had there


I'm glad you've moved on and found a remote job, I too have experienced this kind of disappointment, surprise and having to move on, not at the same level though.


I was really excited about the opportunity to interview at MR and moving to Bristol w/family to do Clojure. And as I was reading a blogpost today this event popped into my mind so I thought I'd ask how things went for you.


well if your still keen to move to Bristol, check out Ovo or AudioGum, both are great places (if not as awesome as MR)


I'm not planning to move so soon but definitely taking note of this, thanks 🙂 So how is the Clojure community in Bristol? I've kind of understood it was quite vibrant in London. Now that you're remote, do you have Clojure events you can go to?


we ran out of steam on the bristol clojure meetups, people got too busy to organise and we lost the go to place to hold talks in MR


the meetup group still exists, so when someone gets excited enough, we can bring it back


for me at the mo though, everything is remote. Hanging out in the clojure-uk room is great though and i work with some very keen people


I see, well I also know how it feels to miss your old team/environment when things end sort of "abruptly" On the other hand it seems like you're doing some interesting work ( So, all the best, thanks for answering 🙂


yeah, I've certainly landed on my feet


all the best to you to