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Fulcro 3.6.0 • Support for React 18 • Added batched processing. • Added with-batched-reads helper. • Improved batching docstrings. • Synchronous processor can use batching (batching off by default) • Reduced logging • Fixed abort in sync tx processing • Added defnc macro to raw.components • Added react.context ns with helpers • Fixed shouldComponentUpdate default with context • Added wrappers for new react hooks • Improved hooks docstrings • Simplified denormalize time so most usages don’t need to bind it • Added React.memo wrapper in components ns.

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Žygimantas Medelis05:01:15

First release of the Bosquet LLM operations library with support for prompt composition and completion via OpenAI API. It is built on top of Selmer to get great templating functionality, and Pathom to resolve dependencies between prompt components.

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My is now in its second release (2.0.0). Check out with Integrant.

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borkdude11:01:36 A leiningen project.clj to Clojure CLI deps.edn converter. 0.1.0 • lein lein2deps plugin. See • maintain order of deps in project.clj and no namespacing of maps • accept regex in project.clj when safe-parsing • add clojure -Ttool support • convert :repositories to :mvn/repos • Add "resources" automatically to :paths • Improve quality of generated deps.edn ( You can now use the leiningen plugin to automatically synchronize your project.clj with a deps.edn. Add:

:plugins [[io.github.borkdude/lein-lein2deps "0.1.0"]]
to your project.clj and then run:
lein lein2deps --write-file deps.edn --print false
To run the plugin on any invocation of lein, add it to :prep-tasks:
(defproject my-project "0.1.0"
  :plugins [[io.github.borkdude/lein-lein2deps "0.1.0"]]
  :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.11.1"]]
  :prep-tasks [["lein2deps" "--write-file" "deps.edn" "--print" "false"]])

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Cool! Does it include contents of ~/.lein/profiles.clj?


No it doesn't


Ok, it would be cool. A lot of defaults for dev profile I keep there (also some credentials and other common configs). Maybe I expect too much but it would be great to have complete lein to deps.edn migration tool.


This is for managing a project, not for managing a system with global config


Mostly for libraries that you want to manage with lein but also expose to deps.edn users (or as a first step for migrating towards deps.edn)


If you have ideas on what a tool like this should do with profiles, I'm still interested


Generally speaking I would be interested in kind of drop-in replacement for lein (let's say a vanilla version without plugins). So not only pure deps but also building, compiling (also with java), installation, jar, deploy, test run, etc... I know all of this is doable with current tooling but migration is not as easy as it should be.


@U1EP3BZ3Q In that case I would take a look at this: I can set up a new project with uberjar + deploy in seconds using #C03KCV7TM6F


Thanks, I know that. It's still a subset of my needs and is better for a new project than existing one with lein.


New: Coding on the fly, from take-off to landing, with a tool.deps build library: 1. Power up your deps.edn aliases: ◦ Run multiple concurrent functions via merged deps aliases in the same runtime ◦ A simple way to load extra namespaces ◦ Merge in environment variables (opt-in via peer dependency) 2. Rock-solid live reloading of code and your running application: ◦ Fork of that fixes which greatly improves c.t.n robustness (a patch has been submitted) ◦ Choose how to reload dependent namespaces: eagerly or lazily ◦ More robust error handling, recovery and logging during component lifecycle methods ◦ Cleanly shutdown your application on interrupt signals Hope it is helpful! :rightwards_hand: 🎁

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:01:26

Is TNS-6 something that could just be moved forward? No one is really actively looking at TNS stuff right now. Would be happy to do so if that means not needing to fork


I've been using it regularly for a couple of years with no issues. And it's a one-liner.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:01:33

Fogus or I can take a look at it on Friday

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Daniel Jomphe15:01:21

The documentation seems quite extensive, full of value-laden tips. Thanks for sharing!

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Happy to do it, hope people find it useful!


[com.wsscode/pathom3 "2023.01.31-alpha"] is out! This release contains some significant bug fixes, specially around batching and nested inputs! Thanks for all the community for sending and helping with the debug of those! • Fix map container handling on runner (issue #176) • pf.eql/data->shape now takes ::pcr/map-container? into account • Disregard ident values on cache keys for the planner (issue #182) • Fix stack overflow on planning nested attribute cycles on dynamic resolvers (issue #179) • Fix name reporting on invalid config for resolvers and mutations (issue #181) • Fix missing data on nested batches (issues #173 & #177) • Fix planning issue when optimizing OR subpaths (issue #170) • Index nested attributes (issue #167)

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{nubank/matcher-combinators {:mvn/version "3.8.0"}} is out! Thanks to @phillipmates and @dpassen1 for some nice improvements: - Add seq-of matcher, which takes a matcher, successfully matching when each element matches the provided matcher. - Add any-of matcher, which takes any number of matchers, successfully matching when at least one matches. - Add all-of matcher, which takes any number of matchers, successfully matching when all match. - Add 2-arity pred matcher where the second argument is a description text. - Useful for mismatch messages when the pred is an anonymous function. - Allow globally configuring ANSI color emission via newly added enable! and disable! functions in matcher-combinators.ansi-color - Export clj-kondo config to silence unresolved-symbol warnings on match? and thrown-match?

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New release: #hop now deploys on-premises too: On the previous version of HOP CLI, users could only choose AWS as the deployment target. Now, when you open the settings editor using the latest version of HOP CLI, you will also have the option to choose On-premises.

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