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borkdude11:01:42 light-weight static blog engine for Clojure and babashka Instances of quickblog can be seen here: • 0.2.3 (2023-01-30) • Improve visualization on mobile screens ( • Enable custom default tags or no tags ( • Enable use of metadata in templates ( • Replace workaround that copies metadata from api/serve Add templates that allow control over layout and styling of index page, pages with tags, and archive ( • Preserve HTML comments ( • Support showing previews of posts on index page

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Quickblog looks really nice, is there any interest in adding support for blogs via org-mode?

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I guess this depends on the availability of a good org-mode parser that is compatible with clojure /bb (but wrapping it in a pod can also work)


I spotted this lib but I'm not sure how good it is


I also spotted which was first written in clojure but now in Rust


Yeah I found those, the former doesn't look "complete" but should be good enough for a simple blog, hmm


@U043RSZ25HQ Well, I'm fine with some experimental PR that adds org-mode support using that lib, but no promises :)


I'll see what I can draft this week 🙂


Worst case you would end up with a fork that you can use personally, but some real world experience writing posts before merging it would make sense as if this lib is immature I would end up with support issues


My site is due a rewrite anyway so I'm fine being the guinea pig haha

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Hey folks, there is now an embedded dart-sass compiler and watcher for Clojure: • Wrapper around the • Aims to be a drop-in replacement for the deprecated • Gives you access to classpath resources and webjars Hope it is helpful! :rightwards_hand: 🎁

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oh man this will be amazing if it works with our .scss herd. thanks for doing this @U0HJK8682!

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Happy to do it. Let me know if you run into issues!


Thank you for making this, and especially for making it a drop-in replacement for sass4clj!

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rewrite-clj 1.1.46 - Rewrite Clojure code and edn Highlights from the • added new functions of-string* and of-file*, these are versions of of-string and of-file that do no auto-navigation (thanks @jacob.maine for the analysis work!) • a lazy sequence now coerces to a rewrite-clj list node (thanks @borkdude!) • implement equality for seq nodes (thanks again @borkdude!) • exceptions thrown while reading now include :row and :col keys in ex-data (thanks @ferdinand!) • and... a nice docstring typo fix (thanks @porkostomus!) rewrite-clj is one of the many projects under the loving care of

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