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com.github.seancorfield/expectations {:mvn/version "2.0.165"} -- -- A clojure.test-compatible version of the classic Expectations testing library. -- this is the first update in about a year, very minor, but the more-> hook should help folks who use clj-kondo: • Fix by removing build-clj and using raw • Address by providing a "hook" for more-> (but more work is needed). • Address by changing refer'd note in stub macros' docstrings. Follow-up in #C2L9MU2RY

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ClojureHaxe - experimental Clojure port written in Haxe targeting multiple platforms. Work in progress.

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Dustin Getz18:02:43

i am super excited about this, can you tell us more about your vision?


Well, first of all it's just an experimental project and I don't want to promise to much. And at point it is, there are many questions answers on which I simply don't know. I started it 2 months ago without previous experience with Haxe. Fortunately, it's very similar to Java and thus porting clojure.lang.* Java classes is pretty straightforward. I don't know by myself where it will lead to, and probably all possibilities will be discovered later and, I hope, not only by me :) My vision is in the "Near future goals" section of the project - first of all making Clojure interpeter, that can be run on several platforms, at least by first evaluating clojure.core. Then trying to transpile clojure.core to Haxe. Later work may include implementing concurrency and parallelizm, diving in target-specific features and interop etc. But again, first of all I would like to concentrate on general Haxe codebase which can be usefull on many platofrms, rather than to dive in how to dynamically create classes on individual platform. If someone later decide to concentrate on concrete platform, e.g Python, Lua..., and to push to this repo or make fork, then nice, let it be :) As for me I would prefer to concentrate at something related to gamedev later, Hashlink/C++, game engines e.t.c. But again, I don't want to promise to much at this point :)

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Benjamin C20:02:01

Cool! I've gotta say, I'm really looking forward to there being more and more emphasis on pure Clojure / cross-clojure libraries.


Backgammon - 2 player game (no ai, pwa, re-frame) on 1 device (link to the rules is in the menu) • app: • repo:

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This seems awesome, I love backgammon and never thought of trying to implement it. The only problem is, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to play. I know the rules but what are the key commands/controls?


yeah, I am not much of an UX person 🙂. Feedback/suggestions are welcomed. I wrote it mainly for phone, if I am somewhere with 1 more person to have something to play. Rules mention that you throw dice on right side of the board. So from your point of view if you see 2 dice on the right side, it's your turn, if on the left side, it's the opponents turn (dice are also upside down for you). You can also see available moves on the side of the board. So if you roll 5-4, you see available moves: 5, 4 and then if you move by 5, you see available moves: 4 The way you move is that you click on the point with checkers you want to move, the point will have green border (I was told this is not much visible, so I guess I'll have to figure out something else - like giving border to one checker or something) and then you click on the point you want to move to. The checker should move and you may continue with your 2nd move. if it happens that you cannot use any of the rolls, the app won't even show you what you rolled (this seems to confuse people, so I might change it) and it's the opponents turn again.


is that understandable?


Ah I got it now, thanks! I was not seeing the border when clicking on the checker you want to move last night and was getting stuck on the "select a valid move" step


I think just beefing up the boarder width on the selected point, and possibly adding one to the valid destinations would do wonders


Selected point is hopefully more visible now. In order to update, you just need to open the app twice (first time it loads old version from the cache and fetches new version, next time new version will be opened). Not sure about highlighting the possible movements though. For now I'd like to try having it similar to the physical board game. Maybe I'll add some option some day which will do that.


Oh that's better thanks