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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)05:12:45 is out. Big change is to fix a bug where mixing libs using the old single-segment ns and the new ns result in missing conversions/transfers. Recommended for Yada users, and people not pinning their particular byte-streams dep. New Aleph release to follow shortly. • Upgrade to Manifold 0.3.0, remove unused dev deps • Update docstring on to-string not being lazy • Add basic clj-kondo support • Deprecated single-segment namespace in README examples Many thanks to @p-himik and @eugen.stan for their contributions.

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tomd11:12:38, a lightweight library of useful Clojure functions, released! The main new features are two new partitioning functions which I’ve written about in a blog @finn.volkel posted on #C8NUSGWG6

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inspired by AOC day 7?)

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No actually, this work was pre-AOC. It always gets a bit time consuming for me after the first week or so, but glad to hear the fns could come in handy.


yes, definitely! and thanks for the blog post. i wrote something similar for day 7 solution but my variant is way slower and less generic then yours

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Is there a reason why the new version is only available as dev.weavejester/medley 1.5.0 while the old artifact is still 1.4.0?


Good question. I didn't change that. @U0BKWMG5B should know.